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We recently decided to get the Ferret Nation Cage for our four ferrets The old cage we had was getting much too hard to clean with four critters. We originally had two ferrets, but the young ones were getting pretty messy!  I started researching cages online and decided to go with Ferret Nation.  It is a very good size and I love the doors that open wide allowing for easy cleaning.  I did get an upper tray guard to help keep the upper level cleaner as there is a litter pan there.

There is plenty of room to hang hammocks in the cage.  The cage comes with four slip on fleece covers for the ramps.


Full width double doors provide maximum accessibility for easy cleaning and feeding
Wide expanse shelf and full width plastic pan floor provide maximum play area and prevent dangerous falls
Swing-up locking ramps secure sections for cleaning the cage, feeding and separating ferrets
Ferret-proof dual-locking door latches provide secure, easy one-hand operation
Less mess with the easily removable shelf that is also height adjustable
“Happy Feet” ramp covers protect feet and provide traction and no-slip passage between levels
Angled ramps are appropriately angled for ferrets safety
Sturdy square tube frame and wire construction for maximum pet security
Easily maneuverable stand with locking casters
Stand provides storage area
Gray Quartz hammertone finish blends well with any decor, and is attractive and durable
Includes: 2 pans, 2 shelves, 3 ramps, 3 ramp covers
Choose from 3 different set ups: Single Unit for one ferret, Double Unit for multiple ferrets, Add-on unit to place on top of the Single or Double- making even more room for ferrets to live in

Midwest Ferret Nation Double Unit with Stand Ferret Cage, 36″ L X 25″ W X 62.5″ H

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Did You Know?

Ferrets are one of the top three favorite pets! Naming most popular pets in the USA is easy for most folks. Dogs and cats are clear answers. If a person could name the 3rd most popular pet, they know something or two about ferrets. That's right, ferret! Based On on-line information giant Wikipedia, ferrets are the third most popular pet in the United States. “Ferrets are lovely, pleasant and loving animals,” Kits love-life and enjoy handling. Many ferret owners enjoy their ferrets so much they choose to have more than one.

Tikitavi History

I started the Tikitavi ferret site circa 2000 when I got my first ferrets. This site is dedicated to those who have passed way.  Tikitavi was a male ferret who lived to about 6 years of age and this site is named after him.    

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